Sunday, April 5, 2009

TJ Oshie: King of St. Louis!

This site was created with one, or maybe many, goals in mind. Based off of posts we read over at St. Louis Game Time, we decided to take over where they have left off and try to make sure that TJ Oshie becomes the King of St. Louis!

How can he become King of St. Louis? Well, if he keeps it up, that will help, but we have bigger plans for him. First off, here's some of the stuff that got us to volunteer for his campaign committee:

But it was this hit against Kings' captain Dustin Brown, followed by this hit against Blue Jackets' captain Rick Nash, which was beaten only by yet another hit on Nash, that made us want to make this site.

Seriously? The Captain Killer needs a site dedicated to getting him voted into as many positions of power as we can muster. Here are a few that we can think of right off the top of our heads:

Yeah, you read that last one right. We can't make No. 74 the King of St. Louis yet, but the St. Louis City mayoral election is this Tuesday, April 7th.

It's time for action, Oshie fans! We are lucky enough to live within city limits, so the two of us will be writing in our votes for mayor as TJ Oshie.

We're too late to have yard signs and bumper stickers and door hangers, but we do have the power of the internet and the power of YOU!

And we want YOU to Vote 4 Oshie on April 7th, St. Louis!

Seriously, can Mayor Slay do this?

Let's vote for change we can believe in. Or at least change that can pull off a sweet forehand-backhand deke.


  1. he is a complete idiot

  2. Damn right dude, he sure is.