Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TJ Loses Mayoral Election. Next Up: Goal of the Year!

Despite the best efforts of our site and our new friends, we are sad to say that our efforts to get TJ elected as a write-in candidate for mayor of St. Louis have fallen short.

At least we have four more years to prepare for the next election; surely we'll have an army ready to mobilize by that point!

And so it's time to move on to our next task: get TJ Oshie's goal against teh vancouver Canucks selected as 'Goal of the Year' on

He's going up gainst four other worthy competitors, but clearly, The Osh's is the best. You can see the beautiful move, as well as his competitiors (though we don't know why you'd bother with watching those) at the site.

There are no rules about how often you vote, so be sure to hit 're-fresh' a few times and stuff the virtual ballot box.

The polls close Friday, April 10, so be sure to act now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This space left intentionally blank.

Vote Early! Vote Often!

Today is the day St. Louis! It's time to vote for the new mayor of our city and the correct candidate is TJ Oshie!

Write him in and let's see what we can do to make Timothy Junior the Mayor.

If TJ falls short this year in St. Louis, maybe we can at least get a record number of different municipalities where he caught at least one vote.
"TJ Oshie: A Forward We Can Believe In"
(Special shout-outs to Laura, Simpson and the ND Goon for following us and to STL Game Time for linking us!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time To Vote!

People of St. Louis, the time to act is now! The election for Mayor of St. Louis is this Tuesday, April 7th and it's too late to get TJ Oshie on the ballot, but it's never too late for write-in votes.
For the writers of this blog, only one of us is eligible to actually vote in the city election, but that doesn't mean that we can't try. Even if we do get caught trying to scam our way in, we may just vote in our own municipalities anyway. He could probably win a race in Olivette without getting too many votes.

Here's some info on the City of St. Louis race:

  • There are 4 candidates on the ballot.
  • Some dude named 'Elston' is running as the Green Party candidate, and his campaign vehicle was recently firebombed. So, you might not want to be caught standing too close to dude.
  • Robb Cunningham is running as a Libertarian, so clearly all of his supporters will be far too high to vote on Tuesday.
  • Maida Coleman is running as an Independant, which means she should not quit her day job quite yet.
  • Francis Slay is running as a Democrat. He lists his current occupation as "Mayor of St. Louis" so he might have a leg up on this thing.
TJ Oshie's qualifications:
The time to act is NOW, people! Tell your friends and neighbors and be sure to write in TJ Oshie for mayor of St. Louis on Tuesday.

TJ Oshie: King of St. Louis!

This site was created with one, or maybe many, goals in mind. Based off of posts we read over at St. Louis Game Time, we decided to take over where they have left off and try to make sure that TJ Oshie becomes the King of St. Louis!

How can he become King of St. Louis? Well, if he keeps it up, that will help, but we have bigger plans for him. First off, here's some of the stuff that got us to volunteer for his campaign committee:

But it was this hit against Kings' captain Dustin Brown, followed by this hit against Blue Jackets' captain Rick Nash, which was beaten only by yet another hit on Nash, that made us want to make this site.

Seriously? The Captain Killer needs a site dedicated to getting him voted into as many positions of power as we can muster. Here are a few that we can think of right off the top of our heads:

Yeah, you read that last one right. We can't make No. 74 the King of St. Louis yet, but the St. Louis City mayoral election is this Tuesday, April 7th.

It's time for action, Oshie fans! We are lucky enough to live within city limits, so the two of us will be writing in our votes for mayor as TJ Oshie.

We're too late to have yard signs and bumper stickers and door hangers, but we do have the power of the internet and the power of YOU!

And we want YOU to Vote 4 Oshie on April 7th, St. Louis!

Seriously, can Mayor Slay do this?

Let's vote for change we can believe in. Or at least change that can pull off a sweet forehand-backhand deke.